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Latest True4U Mpeg2 and True4U Mpeg4 Today Biss key Frequency 2023


Latest True4U Mpeg2 and True4U Mpeg4 Frequency and Bisskey Today (2023)

Frequency True4U Mpeg2 and Mpeg4, Bisskey True4U Mpeg2 and True4U Mpeg4 Latest Today – True4U is a television station owned by TrueVision from the land of white elephants, Thailand. True4U is also a channel that is often locked by trackers and is used to be able to watch free soccer broadcasts via satellite dish. True4U often broadcasts Europe’s top leagues, such as the Champions League and Europa League, this channel is locked a lot because it still uses friendly randomness, especially if it’s not the Biss Key.

The good news is, this channel will broadcast the Fifa World Cup 2018 Russia in full 64 matches. With this news, it certainly brings fresh air for me personally, because I still use old school equipment to be able to watch the 2022 World Cup, which is still using a Matrix Starlink V HD receiver that doesn’t yet support PowerVU.

Now it makes a lot of choices for those of us who still use receivers that don’t support Powervu yet, and here are the channels that are sure to broadcast the World Cup that use Random Biss Key and can be locked in Indonesia.

Thaicom 5 (78.5°E)
Frequency : 3625
Polarity : Vertical
Symbol Rate : 30000
Format : MPEG2
Random : Biss
Sid : 2117/0845

Biss Key : E8 B9 8D 2E 5F B9 49 61

Thaicom 5 (78.5°E )
Frequency : 4080
Polarity : Horizontal
Symbol Rate : 30000
Format : MPEG4
Random : Biss
Sid : 0024/0018

Biss Key : 25 52 95 0C AB EF 95 2F

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